Kijiji is pretty cool. It’s like the craigslist of Canada, with just nice people on it. My landlady said you can ask for anything you want on Kijiji, and who knows, you might get it. So I asked for a lift to Massachusetts for the weekend of June 25-27…on a plane or boat!

Airline flights are off the chain-four figures, three stops and fourteen hours before it is all over; dearliord there must be something better than this! So treating Kijiji like my own magic lamp, I am wishing for speedy transport with interesting people at little monetary cost to myself.

Who knows? Maybe it’ll happen. Like they said at the TEDx Halifax on Friday, don’t wait for it to happen, get out there and create your reality.

2 thoughts on “Kijiji

  1. It was good to meet you, and a nice chat at TEDxHalifax. Look forward to following your adventures.

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