the winter of my discontent

I left Halifax at the end of July. After my husband came to visit me, I got incredibly lonely. Once I had experienced things with him, it was hard to do them by myself, I found.  Once I made the decision to go back, it took less than 48 hours before I began packing the car for the trip home.
So I have left Halifax physically, but it’s hard for my mind to leave…I find myself checking the webcam at least daily (and instead of just the harbour, I will go to the Cape Breton pages to look for wildlife—I have seen moose, wolves and deer on the golf course) and I keep abreast of the news. I have continued to participate in an online forum I had just begun posting to when I moved back, and there are a few people I’ve become quite fond of. Funny that I ‘know’ more people now than when I lived there.

halifax webcam

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