June 2

A good day: a free ferry ride, a nice bike ride to and from the ferry terminal (I can work it so it’s downhill both ways 🙂 then a nice pedal on the Halifax side down the boardwalk to the farmers market. It was about 65° and sunny this afternoon, or as I should say, 19° (I keep switching back and forth on my dashboard app because except for a couple of benchmark temps, I still can’t get Celsius). I spent the morning writing a bit, but mostly on my new facebook group.

We had a big thunderstorm last night, but nothing compared to western mass!

That tornado is about 19 miles from my house!

No problems with any of my friends, but on the Eastern Mass side of the state, my husband’s cousin’s daughter was on a bus on the Mass Pike going home from a school trip to 6 Flags. Brian Williams said the tornadoes basically followed the pike.

(the tail of the same storm that walloped western mass) and it was still foggy and ‘mizzlin’ this morning. It was a good morning to be inside, doing laundry and chatting online. By 2 p.m. It was brilliantly sunny and the moment I planned for arrived: it was time for adventure!

I saddled up ‘black betty,’ making sure I had a lined pannier for the fish I planned to purchase, and headed out.

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